Large corporation buyers 

Our productivity is the highest, overhead and margins the lowest in the industry, guaranteeing the optimum value in the product. For over 40 years, we have never failed to deliver. Our strongest point is that we are a domestic manufacturer and have been shipping both live goods and silk plants nationally and internationally since 1974. We have an extremely modern system, having operated EDI for many years.  Add to this an enthusiasm for change and reputation for innovation and an ability to design to price points; we think H & P should be on your shelf.

Crafts stores, Drug Stores, Grocery Store buyers

H&P Sales has a wide line of craft products for your customers. Enter here with  your username and password to explore the craft lines and select your product lines and needs today.




Staggers, Wedding Planners, Event Organizers, Media

Timing is everything with staggers, wedding planners, and event organizers. Your in the right place, save precious time and work with us and your design needs. 





Live plant buyers

H&P Sales beginnings started as a grower. H&P was one of many growers in Vista. It is now one of only a few. H&P Sales prides itself on its unique selection of Cactus, Jade and Succulents. Maureen is known as the Jade Queen with a huge base of mature Jade plants she has had for years.

Silk Plants or hanging baskets with bluetooth speakers

2014 we started to install blue tooth speakers in our silk plant designs, floor plants, and silk tree's. It has been a process to develop and has had surprising inspiring results. Our high quality sound and power of the speakers create a wonderful sound in ones home, padio, pool area, and social gatherings.


Custom Design
Silk plant buyers

One of a kind silk designs for media, film industry, resorts ie: Disneyland corp and amusement parks with or without speakers.
Any size, shape, color and occasion is great. Custom design silk for private consumer, ie: Individul