Maureen Olson, President

Maureen purchased H&P in 1982 and has been charging forward ever since. A god given green thumb, Maureen began her company as a grower. It's in her blood through and through, thick and thin. Planting and growing was passed down to her from her father. With changing trends and demands and having a great eye not only for business, and home decor, she embraced those changes and welcomed them. Becoming a major force for the last 28 years in the silk plant industry. She is proud to introduce to you her team of loyal, dedicated team members of H&P Sales and looks forward to creating a thriving connection with you, our buyer.

Genevieve Mitchell

Genevieve Mitchell, a third-generation California, tells us “I’m a California native and have lived in southern California my whole life. Genevieve joined Team H&P in January as our sales coordinator. She worked as a sales & marketing executive in advertising and printing for more than 20 years.  She loves working with people and looks forward to every phone call and email she gets.  Her hobbies are having fun with her family and her precious dog, Marley   She loves to hike, bike and enjoys the beach.

Jose Maldonado

Jose is our secret weapon.   Jose has been with H&P since 1980, 37 years! Jose is a master cactus and succulent grower, because of Jose H&P is back in the live plant business. Call us for succulents, cactus or Jade. 

Sue Korn

Sue Korn is our controller. She came to the USA from South Africa in 1983. She fell in love with San Diego and says she is never going back. Sue spent most of her career in Sales and Marketing. Studying for her CPB, Sue is an addition to the H&P Team welcome

Juan Herrera

Juan came to H &P in 2002 a 15-year veteran. Juan is our Production Manager. Juan keeps everyone on their toes. Nothing goes out without Juan’s approval. 

Hiron Sumanadasa

Hiran is our H&P chief Accountant with a master’s degree in accounting and a strong educational foundation in principles of accounting. Solid business acumen with excellent skills in customer service, management and sales. He is expecting to receive his CPA soon. Hiran is a joy to work with and we hope you all can experience this soon.

Elisa Martinez

Elisa came to H&P in 1990 a 27-year veteran. Elisa assembles all the new programs and special collections for our design team. Elisa has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. 

Elvira Mendoza

Elvira joined H&P in 2002, a 15-year veteran Elvira is the H&P production coordinator and she does all the foam production. Elvira has 3 grown sons, all of whom worked for H &P while they went to school. Elvira has one Grandson.  

5215 Soft Tch Orchid in Wt Cer

Our Approach

H&P Sales approach is simple. Provide the highest quality product at the best price. We are very proud of our finished product and will welcome any measuring up to our worthy competitors. Being manufacturers of silk plant cleaner, we also want our buyers to enjoy and benefit from the repeat sale it generates after the initial sale of the silk plant. We are friendly, open and earnest about our company. Our company goal is to stir to speak the same language of sales sales sales as you do.

Meet the Team

Team H&P makes “Wow!” happen. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of trends and being the first to bring new ideas to market. In addition to providing the highest value in all of our products, our over-the-top customer service is hard to beat. Your satisfaction is our goal. We welcome each new customer as a treasure and hope you will soon become part of the crown jewel.