Silk Plant Manufacturing

H&P Sales has been a leader in silk plant manufacturing since 1990. Silks have been part of home decor for hundreds of years. Now with technology and skilled craftsmanship artificial plants are hard to tell between imitation and real.

Silks Show room

Buyers we have a wonderful showroom, with table after table of designs to feast your eyes on. It only gets better, there is an additional 2000 square feet of tree's and floor plants. In another 2500 square foot room is a display of containers. You have found a manufacturer with working showrooms to select what you need. Look no further you have found it, H&P Sales.

Silk and Preserved Plant Cleaners

Silk plant cleaner, Artificial Christmas tree cleaner, Wicker cleaner and Dried floral Cleaner. Artificial plant and floral decor  goes hand in hand with its specially designed engineered cleaner to keep everything clean. H&P had the opportunity to purchase the manufacturing rights to our cleaners in 2014. Silk plants are wonderful, practical and in many instances necessary in home decor.The only draw back is dust. A thorough once a week cleaning of your artificial home decor silk plants, Dried floral, hard to clean wicker furniture and baskets, and your wonderful Artificial Christmas tree,  keeps all smelling and looking like brand new. We are now introducing scented cleaners too.

H&P Sales crafts line

Home Crafter's product lines, here it is the fun of DIY at home. H&P Sales greatly appreciates the individual desire to be free to create and build it yourself. We are too individuals who love to use our imagination and go sometimes where no one has gone before. H&P Sales has a customer service support ;ine for your crafting DIY home projects. You can purchase our products and when in doubt call.

Live Plants

In 1974 in Visa CA in the best weather belt in the US, H&P got its beginning as a grower of Cactus, Jade and succulents. We have a huge base of mature cactus and Jade plants, and have multiple green houses and adding more regularly expanding with live plant demand on our 10 aces. We pride ourselves on being a quality and quantity grower. Email a request for your cactus and succulent needs and we will get back to you immediately.

Silk Plants with Bluetooth speakers 

When it is a good idea, its usually a good idea to do it. Hence bluetooth speakers in silk plant home decor. Silk plants have important presence in a home, it allows you to personalize and characterize it. To be able to play your favorite music daily and seasonally takes it all to the next level of importance, comfort and enjoyment.

10 Reasons to purchase silk plants

  1. Silk plants offer long term savings over real ones due to the fact that they require very little attention if any.
  2. No insects, in real plants insects like the moisture from the watering and will take up home in a real plant.
  3. They eliminate indoor allergies created by real plants and flowers.
  4. They will never outgrow the space they're in.
  5. Pets are not attracted to them like real plants eliminating accidents and clean up.
  6. You'll never have water damage from the pot leaking or spilling when watering real plants.
  7. For office use, it significantly reduces security issues by limiting the number of maintenance visits.
  8. For outdoor silk plants you won't have to use harmful pesticides.
  9. No mold or mildew build up from watering too much.
  10. You can reposition or add to silk flowers and plants to meet your individual tastes at any particular time.

7 Reasons to purchase from HandP Sales

  • Domestic manufacturing
  • Fast response
  • Market analysis based upon a diverse customer set
  • Leading edge designs in all categories
  • Helping our customers maximize inventory turns
  • Long term relationships with raw material suppliers
  • Great customer service

Tree Selection

  • Tropical, Floral, &  other
  • Standard, Layered
  • Single and Multi-Trunks
  • Bamboo- green, black, natural & tone on tone
  • Multiple heights & mini trees

Floor Plants

  • Tropical, Floral, bamboo & other
  • 2 ft to 6 ft & mini
  • Comes in a large

Selection of wood, metal, ceramic and glass containers

Table Top

  • Tropical, floral, greens, grasses, orchids and succulent arrangements
  • Comes in a large selection of wood, metal, ceramic and glass containers


  • Tropical, Floral, & other
  • Comes in a large selection of wood, metal, ceramic glass and hanging basket containers


  • Tropical, Floral, & other
  • Comes in a large selection of wood, metal, ceramic and glass containers


  • Wide variety of shapes, sizes lengths and colors, please inquire.
  • Comes in a large selection of wood, metal, ceramic and glass containers


  • Live and artificial with a large variety of choose from.
  • Comes in a large selection of wood, metal, ceramic and glass containers

Artificial Fruit

  • Single pieces, bunches
  • please inquire for our selection of wood, metal, ceramic and glass containers.


  • Exciting seasonal programs, please inquire 
  • Christmas trees, traditional, ornamental and display


  • Natural
  • Seasonal (Christmas)

Silk Plant Cleaners

  • Wicker wonder cleaner for wicker furniture, baskets, wreaths and more.
  • Silk Plant cleaner for silk plants
  • Christmas Tree cleaner
  • Dri Silk'n Splendor cleans the most delicate preserved floral arrangements and plant arrangements.
  • All our cleaners are all water based safe environmentally friendly.
  • Safe for Pets and Children 
  • Our cleaners remove dust & dirt, and leaves a luxurious finish.

A buisness to do business with .....

From a company selling live plants to a business designing and developing the latest home décor fashions, H&P is the single source for artificial plant designs.  With facilities in California and Arkansas and 30 acres of manufacturing/distribution facilities H&P is the largest domestic supplier of artificial trees and floor plants and offers world class design and customer service. The company currently sells product to all retail verticals and is a key supplier to major retailers.