Maureen Olson, President
Maureen Olson, President

Our Story

Maureen Olson acquired the Vista facility in 1982 and moved to California in order to expand her business. From 1982 to 1990 H&P devoted its energies to growing and distributing live plants. In 1990 we made the decision to add silk plants to the company’s product line.

H&P’s first silk item was a vase of tulips designed and sold to Lucky Stores. That led to successful programs with Sam’s, Wal-Mart, and eventually a host of retailers trying to capitalize on this new found craft industry.

While live plants continued to be an important part of suburban growth and home decor, the emerging generation wanted something easier to care for.

Recognizing a growing trend, the company started expanding their silk plant assortments from green ivy and hanging baskets to include trees and floor plants.


We are the “Made in America” one-stop solution with a simple approach:  original, trend-forward, design-driven silk plant items that compliment any existing decor.

Family owned for over 35 years, H&P Sales, Inc. is the premier brand for personal expression.  Our wide range of products and superior quality give our customers the competitive advantage in the marketplace.  We offer a large and diverse selection in all product categories; so you can offer your customers many choices to meet their varied styles and tastes that will add warmth and sophistication to their home.

Made in America.  What is the value?
American craftsmanship, originality and design.
Quick Turnaround without the six month restriction of foreign manufacturer's
Quickly replenish dwindling supplies, or change direction rapidly when called for.
Deposits required by foreign suppliers tie up your money for long periods before you have product.
Buying domestically allows several turns in the time it takes to receive a foreign shipment, providing more profit in a shorter time. Support for American business climate, and provide jobs in our country.
We’re stable and here to respond to your needs; in business in the same place 35 years

We have the pulse on American taste