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Grower of Jade, Cactus & Succulent since 1974

H&P is a Jade, cactus and succulent grower with a wide variety to choose from. H&P continues to offer unique designs and containers. Contact Genevieve and her staff today about your live plant needs.

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Manufacturer of Silk Plants with Bluetooth Speakers since 2014

Bluetooth popularity and its many uses came to our attention. H&P began to install high quality blue tooth speaker into it's plants in 2014. The possibilities are endless, please contact us today about our blue tooth designs.

Manufacturer of Silk Plants since 1990

In 1990 market trends create a demand for silk plants. It is met and embraced at H&P Sales. H&P establishes itself as a leader in this new and growing market trend in the 1990's. H&P Sales is your one stop manufacturer for quantity and quality at the right price. Contact us today for your silk plant needs.

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Manufacturer of Silk Plant cleaner since 1989

Miracle Coating came to the market in 1989 and all of its craft product lines are now offered by H&P. We are excited about our new addition to the H&P product lines. Miracle Coating cleaners are water based plant cleaners and are totally safe for pets and children as well as environmentally safe. Please inquire about silk plant cleaner and our addition craft lines today.


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H&P Sales, Inc

H&P is a custom design manufacturer of silk plants and grower of cactus and succulents. We design programs to fit our customer’s needs and obtain the raw materials globally to manufacture all products in Vista, California, USA.

Our productivity levels are the highest in the industry—and our overhead and margins are the lowest. This guarantees the optimum value for our customers. For over 40 years, we have never failed to deliver. We are a domestic manufacturer and have been shipping both live goods and silk plants nationally and internationally since 1974.

We have an extremely modern system, having operated EDI for many years. Add to this an enthusiasm for current trends, a reputation for innovation, and an ability to design to price point H&P produces products that sell.

We look forward to your joining us in our effort to provide the US with beautiful high quality silk plant arrangements as a great price.